GKC and Booker T. Sightings, Sundry

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streetsign.jpgBooker T. Washington was an Uncle Tom? Not according to a new biography out of Harvard University Press.

One of the ACORN antagonists is a Chesterton fan, according to the NYT.

Mr. O’Keefe said he considers the British writer G. K. Chesterton his “intellectual backbone” and called himself a “progressive radical,” not a conservative, because he wants to change things, “not conserve them.” But his pro-market, anti-government views, as he described them, sounded like mainstream conservatism.

No laughing allowed.Eleven humorless Saturday Night Live hosts. Megan Fox might make it 12.

How has the recession affected you?A broad survey of Americans has provided striking measures of the recession’s effect on life at home and at work: People are now stuck in traffic longer, less apt to move away and more inclined to put off marriage and buying a house.

Ready for government healthcare? ABC’s John Stossel isn’t:


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