Brews You Can Use

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Brews  You Can Use.jpgGift Me

One of the nicest small pleasures in life: the unexpected gift. Someone walks up to you and says, “Here, I got this for you.” It happens to me about once a year. It’s often a book, sometimes it’s beer (the guy known as “Meistergoat” in the comments has brought me a few great bottles of beer, including Three Philosophers). Last year, someone gave me the annual catalog to Eighth Day Books.

This year, someone gave me the Beers of the Month Calendar 2009 by World Class Beverages.

June features sour ales and Belgian/French ales. July toasts India Pale Ales (which I simply can’t drink) and American Ales (salute to the Fourth of July). My drinking days come up shortly. Maybe I’ll try them all. I’ll be swinging by a hole-in-the-wall liquor store in a few days that has an amazing selection of beers. I’ll stock up.