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The Wizard of Os

Os Guinness has written a new book: Unspeakable: Understanding & Resisting Evil in an Age of Genocide & Terrorism. Christianity Today interviewed him about the book. Here's a nice nutshell statement from Guinness about the current American mind:

"American views today are weak, confused, and divided. On one side, many progressive liberals still think that we humans are essentially good and getting better and better. On the other side, many postmoderns actually think it is worse to judge evil than to do evil. And in the middle, many ordinary folk plaster life with rainbows and smile buttons and wander through life on the basis of sentiment and clichés. All of these views and others are shown up as bankrupt by the savage reality of September 11–and Auschwitz and the other terrible atrocities right through to the ghastly spate of car bombings and beheadings in Iraq."