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Romano Guardini on Palm Sunday

"The hour overflows with supernatural power. In these last days it is as if Jesus were gathering strength on strength preparing for the ultimate. He has just summoned Lazarus from the dead. His power has accompanied the disciples into the world, so that at their word strangers entrust their flocks to them. Now triumphantly he enters Jerusalem, fulfilling to the letter the prophecy of the coming Messiah. Until then he has refused to be called the Messiah and crowned king; now he proclaims himself the long awaited one. There is tremendous excitement. A steadily swelling stream of people, loud with the voices of adults and the cries of children, flows endlessly in the direction of the temple; it can no longer be stopped. Buyers and sellers in the temple are sent flying; the sick are healed; the hostile, who ask with what right all this is done, are silenced by the impact of the answer." The Lord, Regnery, 1998, p. 362.