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Disney Queers Children, Says Disney Exec

From The American Conservative

Photo by Amy Humphries / Unsplash
Keep patronizing them, my Christian friends, keep patronizing them

Disney has been trying to queer children for a long time. A senior Disney executive brags about that to her colleagues! Stop being gaslighted, mom and dad. Disney is the enemy of your family and your children.

To hell with woke capitalism! A Republican Party that is willing to fight Big Business on behalf of families and ordinary people could get somewhere in this country.

You watch: none of this will be reported by the mainstream media, whose position is, “Claims that Disney is queering America’s children are bigoted conservative dogwhistles — and it’s a good thing Disney is doing it!”

UPDATE: Groomers. They are all groomers. Why do some of the richest and most powerful people in America, executives of a company that has unparalleled access to the imaginations of America’s children, care so much about the sexuality of kids? It’s creepy. It’s demonic. This is happening right now in our country. You are foolish and cowardly if you minimize it for the sake of avoiding conflict.

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