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Dorsey: Gudge Slayer? Hudge Crippler?

From the TDE Archives (early 2022)

Photo by Sara Kurfeß / Unsplash

A year ago, I wrote “What’s that Twitter Imp Up to?” and speculated that he was disturbed by Twitter’s hegemony and that he has strong libertarian leanings.

Since then, he has left Twitter; tweeted a link to’s PDF of Rothbard’s mini-book, Anatomy of the State; and has started a war with the venture capitalists that want to control the web.

I’ve changed my hunch. He’s not a libertarian. He’s a distributist.

In today’s environment of huge centralized government and corresponding massive corporations that manipulate the centralized government for their own power and greed, the two are, in my opinion, virtually indistinguishable in this era. My libertarian acquaintances disagree with me; my distributist friends often strongly disagree with me.

But I stand by it.

And I’m increasingly standing by that Twitter imp that endorses Bitcoin, meditates two hours a day and, I’m guessing, is still strongly Catholic at some level.

Well, maybe I'm not standing by him, but I'm at least following him now on Twitter.