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What About Our Condo in PV?

The American Thinker has published a startling short essay about the civil unrest brewing in Mexico. LINK. A few excerpts:

Ten percent of Mexican voters now live in the U.S. legally or illegally, but they account for fifty percent of Mexico's purchasing power.

[T]here are whole villages whose only residents are women and children - all of the men have gone to the U.S. to work illegally - so the children grow up fatherless. This is a huge price to pay just to get a job. No one should be driven by circumstances to do this.

By behaving this way, [the existing parties in power] are making Mexico's bitter, fed-up population even angrier. It amounts to an insult to democracy and contempt for their wishes. It may easily lead to civil unrest, something which may be even worse than a Hugo Chavez at our border.