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“We have no room in our house for such invidious statements”

The Eriador Eccentric

Fourth Age 221

RIVENDELL. A random exchange with the legendary Bilbo Baggins has cost Lindir his position in the House of Elrond.

At issue is a half-joking exchange between the hobbit and the elf on October 24, 3018 during a party.

“Approximately 230 years ago,” said a spokeself for the House of Elrond, “Lindir and other elves who had been drinking criticized a poem that Bilbo had composed with the help of Lord Aragorn. In the ensuing argument, Lindir told Bilbo that all mortals look the same.”

Others say that the statement was actually much worse.

“What he said exactly,” said one elf who was there that evening, “is that hobbits and men all look alike to elves, that they're all like sheep, and that elves have more important things to consider.”

Regardless of the actual content, the statement has resulted in Lindir's ouster.

“We have no room in our house for such invidious statements,” said a Rivendell spokeself.

Lindir declined comment, saying only, “Things haven't been the same since Elrond departed from the Grey Havens.”