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Newest Candidate in Minas Tirith City Council Election Stirring Debate

Anfalas Times

Fourth Age 165

MINAS TIRITH. Saul Khand's entry into the City Council race against incumbent Jack Imrahil has a lot of people excited.

“I think it's great that a black man is finally breaking the white patriarchy in Gondor,” says supporter Lucy Fell.

Others agree.

“Gondor has long celebrated maleness and whiteness,” says Sal Nurn, Professor of Anti-Binary Studies at Eastfold University. “Khand's viable entry into the Council race is a breath of fresh air.”

Conservatives, though, disagree, pointing out that Khand immigrated from Harad, which relatively recently was the sworn enemy of Gondor. Many of its leaders fought to the death after the Battle of Pelennor Fields rather than peacefully surrendering.

“We don't,” says Imrahil, “need a naturalized citizen from Harad in a position of power, especially one who is rumored to belong to the Sauronist party.”

Others dismiss the Sauronist party rumors.

“There is no Sauronist Party,” says Fell. “There's not even a Sauron. It's time to move beyond logocentric-driven binary thinking that asserts a 'Sauron' to elevate the idea of a white patriarchal Valar. And it's certainly time to dismiss such things in a modern political election."

The election is next month, on Blotmath 3rd (by the Shire Reckoning). Poll watchers expect a tight race.