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FA 198

OSGILIATH. Local community activists want Boromir's statue torn down, but they're getting resistance from his descendants.

“Boromir was the last captain to defend Osgiliath successfully before it fell to Sauron in the War of the Ring,” says Denethor IV, a descendant of Boromir's brother, Faramir. “His statue was erected by Aragorn in honor of his memory and needs to stay.”

Others, however, strongly disagree.

“The very name 'Boromir' is a pointed symbol of binary thinking, which is violent,” says Piers Melkon, President of the Osgiliath Project of Love. “Boromir is the arch-pole of patriarchy. His symbol celebrates the subordination of everything opposite of white men: womyn, orcs, people of color in Harad and Khand.”

Over the past nights, Osgiliath police have established a perimeter around the statue to protect it from protestors, leading to numerous clashes and a few casualties.

“Boromir was all about power and violence,” says Melkon. Our culture is about love and acceptance. We will yank his statue down and pulverize it.”

Critics have noted that the protestors come out only at night, a sign that the protesters themselves are ashamed of what they're doing.

“That's absurd,” said Melkon. “The simple fact is, many of our troops are orc descendants and are sensitive to sunlight.”