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Alleged Sex Slaveholder in Custody

Goldberry in protective custody

Goldberry in protective custody

SR, October 4, 1487

THE OLD FOREST. Police claim to have apprehended long-suspected kidnapper Tom Bombadil.

Police have long sought to apprehend Bombadil for the alleged kidnapping and detention of Goldberry Riverdaughter.

“Bombadil has long been a person of interest in the disappearance of Goldberry,” said Lieutenant Buckwater. “Numerous witnesses over the years have come forward, saying Bombadil is holding her in his realm.”

Police, however, could never confirm that Goldberry and Bombadil were living together, until a lead broke in late September 3018. Bombadil accompanied four hobbits outside his lands to the Great East Road, where a bystander heard him say, “Tom has his house to mind, and Goldberry is waiting.”

The exchange was reported to the police, who immediately obtained a search warrant for Bombadil's lands and found Goldberry.

“We can't provide any details,” said Buckwater, “but we can confirm that Goldberry insists she was not being held against her will. We have our doubts, however.”

Gail Riel, a psychologist at Oxford University, said it sounds like Stockholm syndrome.

“Bombadil is widely-known as a master manipulator,” said Riel. “Even Gandalf has alluded to Bombadil's great mental powers. It's definitely believable that, after such a long period, which no doubt seemed literally like ages, she told herself she wanted to be with him, but was really there against her will.”

Neighbors, however, disagree. “We never see her, but Bombadil doesn't strike any of us as evil. I guess it's hard to say,” said one neighbor who requested anonymity. “None of us feel comfortable going on his land and definitely don't want to walk past Old Man Willow.”