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Gay Con Man?

Like the doctors suing over paternity after the woman “stole” the man's sperm, these types of stories always humor us. Here, it looks like a homosexual tricked men into stripping for him by promising prize money from a local radio station. (The story doesn't say the culprit is gay, but he's either gay or a criminal with a bizarre sense of humor.) LINK. Excerpt:

“In the radio hoax, the men were instructed to strip, then leave [the house] wearing only a small T-shirt. Two men agreed, disrobing in front of Brown. . . .

“In this case, police say, Brown found his victims by calling area restaurants and asking to speak with the youngest male employee.

"'I just want it put behind me,' a 31-year-old victim said Wednesday, minutes after testifying in Marion Superior Court.”

“According to his testimony, the man took off his clothes, wrapped the tiny T-shirt around his waist like a skirt, then walked back to his car. He passed a woman pushing a baby stroller and heard cat-calls from a truckload of construction workers. 'I'm surprised I didn't get arrested,' he testified. 'It was very embarrassing.'”