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Leave it to the Grey Lady

The New York Times has ran a harsh op-ed about JPII's accomplishments. It's exactly what we expected to issue eventually from a leftist press that's largely been respectful for an entire 48 hours following the Pope's death. They probably just couldn't hold it in any longer, and, quite frankly, we're relieved that they're back to their old selves. Thomas Cahill has written the attack, probably after winning an in-house lottery for the privilege. LINK. Excerpt:

But John Paul II's most lasting legacy to Catholicism will come from the episcopal appointments he made. In order to have been named a bishop, a priest must have been seen to be absolutely opposed to masturbation, premarital sex, birth control (including condoms used to prevent the spread of AIDS), abortion, divorce, homosexual relations, married priests, female priests and any hint of Marxism. It is nearly impossible to find men who subscribe wholeheartedly to this entire catalogue of certitudes; as a result the ranks of the episcopate are filled with mindless sycophants and intellectual incompetents. The good priests have been passed over; and not a few, in their growing frustration as the pontificate of John Paul II stretched on, left the priesthood to seek fulfillment elsewhere.