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Girls Gone Wild II

All right, we're posting this, but we're not convinced that it's real. Procedurally, it has all the signs of authenticity, but its substance is ridiculous. It's a supposed press release from Women's Church-Convergence. The funnier parts have been highlighted below for the reader's convenient reference. Here's a link to the entire release: LINK. Thanks Zorak for bringing it to our attention.

As the cardinals meet behind locked doors to select a new pope, the people of the church must be involved in the process of selection of church leaders and models of leadership. Women-Church Convergence announces an open conclave in cyberspace so that the entire community of faith may make their views known about important issues in the church's life.


Women-Church Convergence envisions a church that treats women as partners and equals in all areas of church life. This model, rooted in the Jesus tradition, honors the gifts of God in the people of God. It is a path the community can follow to ensure integrity in ministry and accountability in governance and in all areas of church life. We promote participatory, egalitarian structures rather than hierarchical domination. We see the papacy as a sign of unity, not a person with authority. We call on all Catholics to take this unique opportunity to rethink basic aspects of our common life.

As a first small step in this direction, we call on Roman Catholic Church leaders to invite women from every continent to participate in the selection of the new pope. Historically, the office of cardinal was open to laity. Women cardinals at this conclave would bring a fresh perspective and represent more fully the community of faith.