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Photo by James Lee / Unsplash

If you hadn't noticed, there are tons of books out there. It can be hard to find new stuff that's also "reliable" (whatever that means).

I highly recommend Eighth Day Books out of Wichita, Kansas. They're devoutly Greek Orthodox and "reliable" in any sense of the term.

You may also want to do yourself a favor and buy their catalog. It, in itself, is a piece of literature and worth the $5.50 price tag.

I get paid nothing for this endorsement. I don't know the family that owns the store (though I met Warren Farha once, years ago). This is a simple act of praise and admiration.

BTW: If you doubt my praise, go to their FAQ page. The top Q/A is:

Q: Is The World of Silence available?
A: The World of Silence by Max Picard, an Eighth Day Press reprint, is currently in stock and available. You may order online or simply give us a call at 800.841.2541.