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Okay, I'm no seer, but I was pleased with myself when I found these notes from 2009 that I wrote after reading James Martin's My Life with the Saints:

"I wasn't bowled over by the book, and Fr. Martin is, I fear, a leftist (but of the sincere and well-meaning sort), but it deserved to be finished. It's splendidly-written, fun, packed with interesting anecdotes. The list of saints alone should be enough to entice you to buy a used copy: Therese Lisieux, Ignatius Loyola. Bernadette, Mother Teresa, Aquinas, St. Francis. Of course, he throws Pope John XXIII into the list of saints (the leftism at work), but I came away with more respect for the reforming pope, so that's a good thing."

Ok, so I botched the "well-meaning" part, but otherwise, I sniffed him out like a German Shepherd on Cheech and Chong (sorry for the sarcastic bravado . . . I've been drinking a bit this evening).