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The first Christmas card

Tis the season . . . to get kids drunk.

The very first Christmas card showed a young child drinking mulled wine. It was 1843, the year Dickens' Christmas Carol came out.

One of the works of art proved very popular, selling out its first edition in six days (from December 19th to Christmas Eve).

The other work of art wasn't quite so popular, producing such a backlash of outrage that no one even tried to produce another Christmas card for three years.

My only question is, how do they know the kid was drinking mulled wine? It looks like an ordinary glass of wine to me.

I'm guessing they just assumed it, since mulled wine is a traditional Christmas drink.

I'm not sure I've ever had it. I've been looking at recipes, though, and am thinking I'll have to make some this holiday season. I've kind of been on the wagon lately for health reasons, so this might be a nice bridge into drinking this holiday season.

If anyone has recommended recipes, please email them to me.