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Photo by Avery Evans / Unsplash

My man Ayodeji Awosika came out with a great piece at awhile back: 12 Rules for Hating Jordan Peterson.

This Jordan piece is a monster, consisting of nearly 4,000 words ( measures its stories by reading time: 265 WPM; this article is 14 minutes long . . . do the math.)

And the "Rules for Hating Peterson" are ironic jabs at his detractors, as evidenced by Rule Number One: "Mischaracterize Everything He Says."

The other rules are pretty insightful as well. A few of the better ones:

Don't Actually Study His Body of Work

Judge Him on the Lowest Common Denominator of his Followers

Have Disdain For Personal Responsibility

Be Emotionally Fragile

He also tackles an issue I've long seen with folks on the left: rage about their own person problems. "They," to quote Tucker Max, "use a movement as a cover for their own unresolved emotional issues. I've never seen an exception."

This, Ayo points out, "describes many of the people who hate Jordan Peterson.

"Most of this political outrage happens because people have unresolved problems they don't want to confront. It's that simple. Working on your problems and taking responsibility is hard. It takes courage and it'll open be painful.

"People would rather create scapegoats than deal with their pain head-on. At the height of his career, Peterson became the scapegoat for tons of people."

Perhaps the best part of the article comes when Ayo takes apart wokeness:

Rule 6: Reduce People to Their Immutable Characteristics
Martin Luther King Jr said that he looked forward to a day where people were judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.
Woke ideology argues the opposite. It centers everything in your life on your immutable characteristics first.
I've had a few people on Twitter comment that I wasn't being specific enough in my language when I talk about this ideology.
I'm not talking about liberals as a whole because liberals aren't a monolith.
I'm talking about people who have a parasitic mind-virus called wokeness. Wokeness ranks people in terms of their level of oppression.

If you're limited to just three Medium articles per month, you should seriously consider burning one of them on this piece.