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If you're a regular reader of TDE, you'll notice that it has been undergoing a transformation. Part of the transformation entails longer, more thoughtful, posts.

But don't worry. I know many readers like the short, bullet approach of the Miscellanenous pieces. Those are going to continue as well.

You can also expect humorous bits, like commentary on the pastor (priest?) who urinated on a woman on a flight from Vegas to Detroit.

Actually, that one might not be so humorous. I read three articles about the incident. Although the pastor was arrested a few days ago, further details haven't been forthcoming and it appears he may have been sleepwalking. The poor guy is probably mortified.

When I first read about the incident, I was going to quip, “I wonder how much extra he had to pay to get that airline perk?” or something along those lines, but it doesn't appear this was an incident of perversion or the like.

You'll also be noticing a stronger return to TDE's Catholicism. It is no longer "Commentary on Everything that Matters" but "Catholic Cultural Commentary on Everything that Matters."

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Thank you for continuing to read The Daily Eudemon. We're in the 16th year of this rollercoaster and we haven't thrown up yet.