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The Flopping Men Who Play Soccer

And Miscellaneous Other Matters

I guess I really, really don't like soccer

Look, I couldn't care less about soccer. I agree with Colin Cowherd's observation that, if you live on a dirt road with chickens running around, kicking a ball is probably pretty cool, but this is America. We have money; we have wealth.

Readers of TDE understand that I don't think such wealth is an unequivocally good thing, but it does do one thing: it gives us a lot of options. We don't need to resign ourselves to kicking a ball and we definitely don't need to resign ourselves to watching others kick a ball, so I'll opt for those games that cost a lot more money: baseball, hockey, and football (basketball doesn't).

I also detest the outrageous flopping that soccer features. Again, I (proudly) don't know much about it, but I gotta believe the flopping is a result of nanny officiating, which in turn stems from mandates from league officials who prize safety and health to the exclusion of all else (maybe we oughtta make soccer the official sport of the COVID generation).

So, it's not like there's much that would prompt me to hold soccer in much lower regard, but this story did it: Phoenix Rising FC Player Suspended For Homophobic Slur: USL.

That wasn't surprising, of course. You can't say “f***ot” or “f'ng f**” or any other (oh so) clever derivation anymore without severe reprisals. The same would happen in the NFL. Heck, with Roger “The Human Virtue Signal” Goodell, such a thing would probably get you a Pete Rose ban.

But I like to think the guys in the NFL are too busy kneeling and wouldn't stoop to tattling, like these women did:

Martin was issued a red card at the end of the first half of the Sept. 30 game. Several Loyal players then approached the referee to accuse a Rising player of using a slur, ESPN reported at the time.
The Loyal also walked off during a game held the week prior when a player was called a racial slur by a member of the LA Galaxy II.

“The Loyal” refers to the San Diego Loyal. It's a soccer team. During the off-season, the players work as lactation counselors and menstruation coordinators.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new TDE. I'm still learning the ropes of the new technology, but it's coming along.

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I hope to make the Brews You Can Use one of the best posts of the week. Check back tomorrow to see how I do with my first BYCU in the new format.

Sports Ratings

The far left New York Magazine has taken notice that sports ratings are absolutely terrible. The writer even reluctantly admits that maybe the politicization of the sports has had an impact. He's mostly inclined to dismiss such a thing, but even he had to admit it's possible.

Meanwhile, the NBA's ruling sycophant, Adam Silver, seems to admit that the politicking has to stop.

The Galatians were Irish? Did they drink themselves blind, too?

The weekday Mass readings this week went to the book of Galatians.

Lesser-known fact: the Galatians were probably related to the Irish.

Gaelic, Galations, Gaul: they're all related. They're all Celtic, a group of Indo-Europeans from the Caspian Sea region who migrated to western Europe a long time ago. As far as I can tell, no one seems to know when the migration occurred, and I'm guessing it occurred over centuries, but it probably occurred sometime before Homer (about 800 BC).

Anyway, the Galatians were a Celtic people who didn't migrate all the to western Europe (and eventually to Wales and Ireland), stopping instead in Anatolia (today's Turkey), kind of like the Sindar Elves of Tolkien's Middle Earth, who undertook the journey to the undying lands but didn't complete it.