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And why it's a really big deal

Court Packing

Man, scary stuff. Every right-of-center news outlet heard it: Biden refused to say he wouldn't pack the court.

I didn't see a single mainstream news outlet mention it. I'm sure some did, but when I Googled "Biden and court packing" yesterday, the three top recent stories came from the New York Post, Washington Examiner, and Fox News. National Review was next.

No NYT, WaPo, Huffington Post, Slate, Salon, or the other minions of the Left.

Make no doubt about it: Court-packing would end Democracy as we know it.

Under Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court is, well, supreme. It says what the laws say and, at times, legislates from the bench.

If the reigning power can simply add Justices to get the result it wants, then it controls everything with no checks. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, combined with Marbury v. Madison, allows a Supreme Court of hundreds of justices to run roughshod with no checks or balances.

If you then end the filibuster and toss in two new Democrat-controlled states?

Game over, my friend. Game over.

If at some point the Republicans regained power, they would add justices. Then the Democrats would add justices. It'd become a huge assembly, divided among factions beholden to their patrons.

A huge morphing would be set off in our politics.

If the U.S. is around in a few hundred years, kids in school will have to be taught why we call it a Supreme "Court" when all the laws come from that assembly.

And the question is, why? Roberts has gone over to the Left and Gorsuch is the new Kennedy: no principles (by his own admission . . . he's a "textualist," which is meaningless). The Court is currently 4L-3R-1S. ACB will just make it 4-4-1, with Kavanaugh still a wild card. He, after all, was supposed to be the new Justice Kennedy. If he goes swing, it will be 4L-3R-2S.

I suspect the real reason for the uproar is the Democratic party simply wants a far-left court. All the big cases have gone to the Left: Bostock, Obergefell, and the Affordable Care Act all went to the Left (and the Bostock and ACA decisions were absolute abominations of legal reasoning . . . Obergefell was an abomination, too, but not necessarily of legal reasoning). The Left wants the Court to go really, really far Left.

That, and the establishment knows ACB isn't corruptible.

Miscellany: Ads/Autobio

The new blog formatting has me a bit overwhelmed. I'm afraid I'll need some patience for a few weeks as I try to figure this out.


I posted this yesterday: "My son, Max, is experimenting with advertisements. Please excuse any inappropriate or obnoxious ads until we can figure this out. Thanks!"

I wrote that after I saw an ad that featured a woman in a sultry outfit. I expressed concerns to Max that, if he can't control the ads, some might not be appropriate for my Catholic/Christian audience.

He informed me, to my mild discomfort, that the ads are geared to the users. So, if users are looking at sultry things, they're going to see ads for sultry things.

Fair enough. That should take care of porn ads, but frick, T&A is used to sell everything these days, so we'll see how this goes.


My Distressed Teenage Tess: "I can't find my other yellow Croc." (a type of shoe)

Me: "Which one are you missing?"

Tess: "The right one."

Me: "Are you looking in all the right places?"

She left for school without saying another word to me.

I didn't even get a chance to tell her it's a play off a famous Johnny Lee song.