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Former NHL Goon Turns Catholic . . . After Winning All-Star MVP Honors

Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash
“They challenged my manhood, challenged my role as a father. They were really just questioning my morals. It was very personal, and at that time I was really starting to grow into my faith. My wife was really instrumental in me going to the game.”
John Scott, about his election to the 2016 NHL All-Star Game and the NHL's efforts to derail it

There's a great story at Relevant Radio about 6'8" defenceman/winger John Scott. A radio program launched a successful campaign to vote him captain of the Pacific Division. The NHL balked and ruthlessly tried to foil it. Scott persisted, played in the game, scored two improbable goals (he only scored five in his entire career), and was named MVP.

There is now a movie being made about it.


I could only watch for an hour. Biden stumbled out of the gate, showing an inability to keep a chain of thought . . . and Trump let him off the hook by interrupting him repeatedly. I think Trump missed a golden opportunity, and Biden came off favorably. Victory to Biden, based on those first 60 minutes.

Critical Race Theory

There's a pretty good summary contained in this story: Trump Order Dealing Unprecedented Blow to Critical Race Theory:

The theories are based on the Marxist concept of “struggle,” pitting races and sexes against each other by labeling them “oppressors” and the “oppressed.” It then reinterprets society and history as being rooted in this “struggle.”

Something New Under the Sun

Changes are coming to The Daily Eudemon. You've probably been noticing them over the past few weeks. With this post, I launch into a new layout approach. Please forgive any awkward formatting.

Why the changes?

Well, quite frankly, I've been greatly encouraged by big growth in readership. It has doubled since April when I resumed regular postings. There are now a few thousand of you every month, so I have decided to launch this as my "point of emphasis" for the time being.

The site will continue indefinitely. Longer pieces will go there, with links to those longer pieces here. The entire Medium essays will also appear here without fail.

Will the podcast return? Maybe . . . maybe. Plans are in the works. If it returns, it will be in a different, shorter, less-polished format. I might call it "The Gritty Eudemon." We'll see.

Thanks for all the ongoing support. If you could try to recommend posts on Twitter, Facebook, or emails to friends/family, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Taoist Corner

I love a good Taoist quote, even if, when applied to my life, it's laughably oxymoronic