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Bachelor Party

Drinking weekend. Alpena, on the shores of Lake Huron, eldest son Alex's bachelor party.

I stocked the car last night with cornhole, frisbees, Can Jam, Spike Ball, dice, cards, and beer. Now I just need to make room for two passengers and our underwear.

I've cleansed my system: I haven't had an ounce of alcohol or red meat for two weeks. Plenty of both start shortly.

I bought a few cases of beer in Indiana. Indiana doesn't have a returnable law and I thought it was cheaper. Not so. The beer is shockingly expensive. A case of Pabst is $20, compared to $16 in Michigan. I have no idea why.

Oh well, by the time we throw away a lot of cans because no one wants to deal with them, or the Governor slaps another Executive Order that prohibits returns (thereby effectively unconstitutionally levying a tax), it'll be cheaper.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. This might be the last warm weekend in the northern states for awhile.