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Rogan and Drudge

So, Rogan left California and moved to Texas. I'm guessing Texas' income tax rate (zero) looks pretty good next to California's (12.3%). If he's bringing in $10,000,000 per year, that's $1,230,000 a year in state income taxes that he saves. . . . just for moving to a semi-rural outside of Austin, Texas (not exactly a backwater). Rogan says he left because L.A. is over-crowded and the California model isn't sustainable (something like that).

Well, good for him. The thing is, he's a self-proclaimed "progressive," supporting pretty much every big-government program out there. How does he think California becomes California? Granted, its natural beauty brings people out there, but the natural beauty doesn't bring 12.3% state income taxes. The natural beauty also doesn't give the velvet glove treatment to bums. Well, the warm weather makes it easier to be homeless in California, but it doesn't feed the homeless and give them other freebies.

My apologies if I'm late with the Rogan news. I don't listen to him regularly, only occasionally. I was listening to this Ron White interview earlier this week and slowly pieced together that he was now living in Texas. I used the Google Machine to verify and realized this news broke the last week of July.

So much for me and the cutting edge.

BTW: If you're looking for Drudge Report alternatives, good luck. Here's a list of possibilities, but they all lack "something." I hate to say it, but Drudge had a knack. The formatting was right; the headlines were great but not sensationalist. All these others? The formatting is either bad or the headlines are simply over-the-top.

I think the "magic" of the Drudge Report is that, even though he had an agenda or angle, it didn't read like that. He, in other words, ran his site like all the major news outlets. All those Drudge alternatives wear their rightwing politics on their sleeve, and I find it off-putting.