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Everyone is "atwitter" about what has happened to Matt Drudge. The Jewish Drudge has always been friendly to libertarian and Catholic sentiments, with a conservative streak. Starting at the beginning of 2020, however, he turned hard left . . . or at least, "Hard Anti-Trump." His negative COVID reporting prompted me to eliminate him from my start-up pages, simply because he was depressing me.

As of now, pretty much everyone has come out and said Drudge is depressing them. President Trump, Paul Joseph Watson, Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro. Speculation varies about why Drudge has turned left, but heck, his parents follow Reform Judaism, which has always leaned heavily left (Wikipedia points out that it is also known as "Progressive Judaism" and "Liberal Judaism"). Maybe he's always leaned left, but just had such a libertarian streak in him, he detested the Left.

The heck if I know. They say a Trump aide snubbed him at the White House, so now he's on a prolonged revenge tour. Could be, but that seems awfully petty.

Various sources say his website is down 40%, which is quite a gaping wound.

They say his net worth exceeds $100 million, so I doubt he much cares about the gaping wound, but then again, is the net worth amount based on the value of his website? If that's the case, his net worth might only be tens of millions of dollars. He must be panicking (snicker).