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Sports and Ghosts

Ha. People said sports will never be the same. They were wrong. The Lions blew another big lead on opening day. I think this is the third year in a row.

I hear the woke coverage of NCAA football was pretty bad on Saturday. I wasn't watching. I did watch NCAA that day, but it was a Division II girls cross-country meet that daughter Meg participated in. That, unlike the football coverage, had no politics. It's only a matter of time until they politicize cross-country meets, but for a fleeting few hours on Saturday, I felt like I was in the ordinary world without the stain of politics.

Russell Kirk believed in ghosts, rather strongly. I had dinner with a Kirk fan Saturday night. So I feel compelled (almost pushed, like by some weird energy . . . smile) to post this story that I saw last week: 5 of the Most Haunted Places Around the World.

Plus it gives us all a jump on Halloween.

For almost a century, Portland, Oregon, was the site of human trafficking. Saloon-owners outfitted their Portland operations with trapdoors, making it easy for them to seize drunk men in the bars and drop them into the Portland Underground. They then drugged the men and sold them as unpaid labor to ships. Ghost tours participants get a flashlight before descending into the underground network where ghosts of dead victims haunt the passages. Men who survived often worked for years as captives on ships, sometimes making their way back home.

The article doesn't say whether any of the Portland protesters have seen any ghosts.