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Maybe It's the Tess Celebration Wine, But . . .

The guys at Hog on Ice crack us up sometimes. They're off-color, but frequently funny. Here are one of their contributor's thoughts on bullfighting:

I “ate a nutritious breakfast while watching a matador get rectally impaled about 93 times on Amazing Videos.

“Am I crazy, or are we getting just a little desensitized? One instance of showing a guy taking a sharp horn in the anus and being carried across a bull ring like a corn dog is unpleasant. Rewinding the video over and over is just tacky. I kept looking away and waiting for them to move on, but they replayed it as if it were Hank Aaron's 715th home run.

“As a side matter, I am tempted to say he deserved it. I know Hispanics defend bullfighting, and PETArds hate it, which means I should be for it. But a man who tortures cattle to death for a living is a son of a bitch, no matter how you slice it.

“You know what? He DID deserve it. But I still think it's a sad day when people can watch that video over breakfast and not be fazed. If you don't understand why the video bothered me, go outside and sit on a sharpened piece of dry 3" rebar and think again.”