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My most popular essay at Medium delves into The Dumb Ox:

Twelve Aquinas Aphorisms

Simple observations from the medieval poster boy will give you new perspectives

”A brave man is also patient.”

This is an uncomfortable truth in our modern world. Why are we rushing, always in a hurry, often impatient? Something is chasing us. It's fear. The brave person controls her fear, resulting in calm and patience.

“All fear arises from the love of something.”

The best observations are often paradoxical. This quote flips something negative (fear) into a positive (love). And it's not just a clever cliché. It's profoundly true.

“Fear is never without hope in a happy result.”

When you find yourself fearful, you might want to try focusing on the result you hope for more than the result you fear.

“There is no desire which is not directed towards a good.”

Deep tolerance is embedded in this aphorism. No matter how stupid, debased, or wicked someone's desires might seem, he is reaching for something good.

“Nobody can strive after evil for its own sake.”

Even the devil worshipper isn't seeking evil. He sees something good in the devil. It's like that for everything. It's not even possible to strive for evil . . . on purpose.