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Fire Tornadoes Hit CA; Digital Tornado Hits TDE

WAIT! Don't leave. Your browser didn't malfunction, you didn't click wrong, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

You are at The Daily Eudemon.

But reformatted.

After 16 years.

Back in 2004, I paid to have a custom-built website. At the time, the TDE design was cutting edge. Over the course of 16 years . . . it was showing its age. I mean, in Internet years, 16 years is like 104. While reading an article about online marketing, someone mentioned the great templates you can use with Wordpress, so I spelunkered in the dashboard for awhile, found a half-dozen templates, experimented for a bit and . . . you're now looking at the new TDE.

I hope you like it.

Fire tornadoes. That's what they're fearing in California, according to Wired. Sounds scary, even scarier than the conditions that led to these fires:

Last weekend's thunderstorms lit so many fires because they didn't always dump water to accompany the lightning strikes. Well, some did ”¦ but if that water falls from too high in the atmosphere, and the weather is warm and dry enough, it'll actually evaporate before it hits the ground. Unfortunately for California, the state was already suffering a heat wave when the thunderstorms rolled through. So when lightning struck some 11,000 times across the state in 72 hours, there wasn't always rain to snuff out the sparks.

My newest article at The Architecture of Speed. Thoughts build your everyday existence. Technology affects your thoughts. The implications? Ask Marshall McLuhan. Excerpt:

Our mental architecture is crucial to determining whether we'll be kind or rude, noble or mean, courteous or abrupt. Although we don't have control over the architectural form like we do our day's clothes, we can sway it.
We can supply the building materials that cause us to find ourselves in a Gothic structure with flying buttresses, pointed arches, detailed with gargoyles. Or we can supply the materials to be Modernist: plain, flat roofed, black and white.
The building materials are our thoughts.
One thing modern psychiatry has shown us: we choose our thoughts and it's important to choose carefully and control one's attention.
It's nothing new. Spiritual masters across the spectrum have observed the same thing. The need to take control of one's thoughts is the universal rule of all spirituality.