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Massachusetts travel ban and Hurricane Isaias. Passed.

I'm in Boston now, visiting my daughter.

Okay, it's not Boston. It's Brookline. Technically, I suppose it's a suburb, but if you know Boston, such "suburbs" blend right into Boston proper. Think "Cambridge," which is right across the dirty water from us.

Yes, we're down by the banks of the River Charles ("Ah, that's what's happenin', baby"). Well, a few blocks south of it, but if you cross the bridge and walk directly north, we'd be on Harvard's campus. I plan on making a trek up there since it's such a short walk, but truth be told: Harvard's campus isn't impressive, not at all. It has a lot of character, but so do most ghettos. If I were a student there, I'd probably be happy that they've gone online for the coming semester.

I also hear Harvard Square is getting seedy. That's really unfortunate. I hoped to spend a fair amount of time there. I loved it the last time I was there.

Our bed and breakfast is great. We're in Coolidge Corners, which is an enclave of young professionals and elderly who can still live by themselves. It's one of the few areas of Boston where I walk faster than the norm.

But wow: mask mania. Everywhere a mask, even in parks where people are far apart from one another. The state law says masks don't have to be worn outside unless you're within six feet of another person, but (i) Brookline has signs up that says city ordinance require masks to be worn outside, period, and (ii) I hear that, if you don't have a mask on, people will go out of their way to say something to you or at least give you a dirty look. The self-righteous never miss an opportunity.

Well, that's it for now. Temps in the 90s today. I need to rest up for a lot of walking.