A Medium Monday

The experiment is going well. I'm getting articles "curated," which is important to reach other Medium subscribers and to earn a little beer money.

I've found two writers I trust and enjoy reading: Ayodeji ("Ayo") Awosika and Tim Denning. Ayo is the son of Nigerian immigrants. Fully Americanized, he seems to be sympathetic with the BLM-types, but clearly shows a strong line of independent thinking and appreciation for what America offers.

I don't know much about Denning, but he wrote this article that condemns porn in all its manifestations that I enjoyed.

Money porn is a lie. Without meaning and fulfillment, money won't do a thing for you. In fact, money can make your life worse, not better, if you haven't discovered meaning or fulfillment first. Money can cause you to be a jerk and be addicted to the ridiculous goal of having to be first while others lose.Nobody has to lose for you to win and that's the problem with money porn.
Eric Scheske

Eric Scheske