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Free Cardinal Newman

Great find at Spotify: A high-quality recording of John Henry Newman's Apologia Pro Vita Sua. Completely free. It kind of blew me away to see someone put it out there like that, but I'm greatly enjoying it.

I searched for similar finds without luck. If anyone else knows of anything, let me know.

Please remember that I'm looking for writers at The Roman Rambler. Yes: "The Roman Rambler." It's the arm of TDE. The title evokes the memory of Dr. Johnson and shows its Catholic slant.

There are three of us now, and I have three others who have expressed interest. I could like to get a "stable" of ten writers before the end of the year.

Relevant Radio recently underwent a shake-up. It cancelled two shows. One of them was "Go Ask Your Father," which was a show I previously enjoyed, but then the host veered hard to the left, politically, advocating for three leftist causes in the course of a few days. He pushed the idea that health care is a basic human right and advocated wholesale gun confiscation/control. I can't remember the last leftist cause; I just remember the diatribes came in three waves in a very short span. Anyway, I simply stopped listening to him and apparently lots of other did, too. I felt kind of bad when the show got cancelled, but dang. He just couldn't keep his politics out of his religious views (which seemed perfectly orthodox, for what it's worth).