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Urban Areas

Man, LA is awful. Jack and Andrea just returned from his honeymoon that he ended there. This pic is from the alley that led to their Air B&B. They said the B&B itself wasn't bad, but the location wasn't in a touristy area. This is just the way LA is.

On top of this, they saw two full-on physical altercations and a dog attack, plus a dozen nuts and a hundred homeless. That was in just 36 hours.

Heather Mac Donald is The Man, so to speak. If newspapers are the first draft of history, she recently wrote the second draft of the first six months of 2020. Her recount in the most-recent issue of Imprimis is real close to a must-read. Excerpt:

On the night of Thursday, May 28, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey ordered the city's Third Police Precinct evacuated as the forces of anarchy descended upon it for a third day in a row. The building was promptly torched, sending a powerful sign that society would not defend its most fundamental institutions of law and order.

Mac Donald is apparently a graduate of Yale, Cambridge, and Stanford. What's wrong, Heather? Couldn't hack Harvard and Oxford?

I trust everyone caught my irony in that question, but I wanted to clarify. Twice over the past month I've had a written joke wildly miss, and in one case, it prompted a harsh reaction from a friend. I felt bad and showed the texts to Marie, who is pretty quick to condemn me and defend others, but even she couldn't figure out how my humorous intent was missed. Since then, I'm trying to tread as carefully and kindly as possible . . . without wringing every ounce of humor out my prose.