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Blessed Sin?

"Dante says that at the summit of Mount Purgatory is the Earthly Paradise, the place of man's innocense. It is from here that, if man had not fallen, he would have entered upon the life of Perfection, in this world and the next. Dorothy Sayers describes that passage into paradise this way: 'God wastes nothing–not even sin. The soul that has struggled and come through is enriched by its experiences, and Grace does not merely blot out the evil past but in the most literal sense "makes it good." . . . [I]n Dante's Earthly Paradise (the Forest at the very top of Mt. Purgatory), the soul has to drink of the twin streams of Lethe and Eunoe. The first destroys all memory of evil and sin with it; the second restores remembrance of the sin, but only as an historical fact and as the occasion of grace and blessedness.'" David Fagerberg, Gilbert Magazine, March/April 2005, p. 27.