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The Senate and the Covid

Trump ally Tommy Tuberville wins big in the Republican primary. I gotta believe he beats Doug Jones in November. Trump also appears to be rallying a bit. The MSM better crank up the negative COVID reporting even more.

I've never been a COVID denier, but man, when you see articles like this, where Florida hospitals in urban areas are completely fabricating the COVID positive test results, combined with no reporting about the plummeting COVID death rates (but maybe they're not plummeting . . . see this piece), lies told in the early stages of this debacle, and metrics like the one below, combined with the maniacal attempt by the MSM to bring Trump down and the fact that November 2020 looms just months away, you gotta wonder.

Like I told one of my best friends, a real decent public official who is very cautious about COVID and keeps informed, there's just "something wrong" about the information. One-sided? Incomplete? Exaggerated? Fabricated? I'm not sure. I just know there's something wrong with the information being provided to us.