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Where "Systemic Racism" Came From

"I woke up and the world was systemically racist." Athanasius, circa 2020.

But unlike Athanasius' experience with Arianism, it didn't happen overnight.

A brief history:

Summary: Systemic/institutional racism came in through Marxist critical theory, designed for one purpose: to get rid of capitalism.

A Bit More Detail: Marxists grew frustrated that the everyday worker wasn't interested in revolution, so they took Marxism to the universities, where they furthered it first and foremost through critical theory. One of the spawns of critical theory: systemic racism, which finds racism in one of the natural adverse effects of capitalism: inequality. They then say the whole system is racist and must be torn down, which means capitalism gets torn down. Voila, the Marxist professors who took the battle to the universities in the 1950s win.

And, not coincidentally, the old theory that says it takes about 50 years for ideas from the educational institutions to take over the culture, is right on time.