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Riots, Shrine, Etc.

Wow, so much to say, so hard to make it coherent. I'll just limit myself to a few random observations:

I'm seeing increased evidence that the public, left and right and middle, are beginning to see that Antifa is the problem. If we presume honesty by both sides, Antifa is the key to unlocking the puzzle. The Left claims it is engaged in peaceful protests, but then the cops get violent. The Right claims the rioters are just violent. There must be another force that is catalyzing the violence. Increasing evidence is that it's middle-class white kids, energized and organized and funded by a nefarious force. That "force" is Antifa.

There are, of course, also urban riff-raff that are taking advantage of the violence to engage in looting. We've always had urban riff-raff and always will.

How much of the media coverage is a cover-up for the COVID debacle? By focusing attention away from the fact that lockdowns didn't make much difference, the media can deflect attention from the side of the political aisle that promoted lockdowns. At a minimum, I gotta believe the leftwing MSM is happy to have this new story to cover.

Symbolism is the key word today. What, exactly, does kneeling mean? We're told it means that it's simply a show of solidarity and understanding. Two years ago, it meant rejection of whiteness. Traditionally, it means subservience. In modern day vulgar jargon, it means degrading subservience. I suspect all three are jumbled together in our collective jumbled minds.

Trump's mere appearance at the JPII Shrine is a blasphemy? But if a pro-abortion president went there, the Left would be fine with it. I honestly can't even comprehend it, to the point of discouragement. I listen to someone like James Martin, and I literally can't even understand him. I honestly don't get it, unless I simply dump him into a cannister labeled "Ideological Lefist" and move on.