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I reached a momentous decision yesterday: I dropped the Drudge Report from my start-up pages in Google Chrome. I've for years enjoyed his libertarian leanings, with his kindly non-sectarian nod to the Catholic Church. He was, for me, what the Detroit Free Press was for my parents back in the 1970s: my morning read (but without the libertarian and kindly nod parts . . . the Freep is relentlessly lefty).

But I had to part ways. His COVID coverage has been relentlessly doom and gloom, reporting only the worst news and failing to point out obvious good news (like, "the death toll took way longer to reach 100,000 than anyone thought it would and the growth continues to slow").

I honestly don't know what happened to Drudge. I know he's had an ongoing spat with Trump. Maybe this is just the fall-out, which is too bad. He could've ripped on Trump without losing me. But the COVID coverage was just too psychologically painful, like he was intentionally trying to torture his readers. Sad and bizarre.