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You Can Always Find a Reason

Are you getting older but like to remain active? As a result, do you have aches and pains? That's me. I think I found the magic bullet: the foam roller. Jack and Meg have been using it for years, and I just kind of shrugged it off as a "uber athlete" thing, not meant for the middle-aged.

Not so. Man, I started using it 10-15 minutes every day about two months ago. It helped my lower back a lot, so I started working it to ease my carpal tunnel (or arthritis in the hands cause by carpal tunnel), and it helped . . . not a lot, but it helped. And then last night I used it for, literally, two minutes for my feet and ankles, which had been hobbled since playing ultimate frisbee on Sunday and a lot of walking in the garden. This morning? My right ankle is 100% fine and the left ankle is greatly improved.

I'm so stoked, I might celebrate with a few drinks tonight, especially now that I have a social distancing meeting place. It's the picture above. We installed a walk-out basement, then added narrow "patios" on each side, resulting in two areas about seven feet away from each other. One couple can sit on one side, another on the other. They couldn't close talk if they wanted to, yet there is still the "intimacy" since you're enclosed in an open-air setting together. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is terrible, so we won't try it out tonight.

Other reasons to drink? Well, Marie likes to drink, and it's Mother's Day weekend, so she gets to set the agenda. Plus, she had scheduled a family party in Detroit, which has now been dashed to hell, so I suspect she'll demand recompense in some fashion this weekend. Maybe I'll buy her a bottle of orange wine (white grapes made into wine with methods meant for red wine), which I guess is all the rage these days (further evidence of my adage, "There's always something new under the sun in the world of booze").

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Stay safe.


I guess it's important to get a good foam roller. Cheap brands don't work well. Amazon Choice products have normally been pretty reliable, so its choice foam roller is probably pretty good and not cheap. My son swears by this short TriggerPoint roller.