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The Establishment and the Left

Another prominent voice says it's probable that Corona came out of a Chinese lab.

Despite growing evidence, we know that the Establishment, from the NBA to Boeing, will resist the evidence so they can continue to tap the billion-plus consumers over there.

But why is the Left so resistant to the evidence? Biden is way too cozy with Beijing. Leftward politicians up to March were encouraging Chinese travel, decrying travel bans, and even encouraging people to hug Chinese individuals. Just simple political correctness? More Levi-Strauss cultural relativism that can't distinguish between a brutal Communist regime and a democratic society? Good old Commie sympathy?

Or is the Establish and the Left largely the same now?

And is Trump, being neither, particularly hated just for that reason? At least with Romney and Bush, the Left knew they had a fellow Establishment fellow who understood and played the game. That's often not the case with Trump.

I don't know, but I think it's the case. The Left and the Establishment have become one.

It's a far cry from the halcyon peace and love Woodstock days. So far a cry, in fact, that you now realize those Woodstock days were just the earliest manifestation of a selfish generation of individuals that wanted everything they could get every second of the day their entire lives. Once that generation realized they could grab the reigns of power and money, they abandoned Woodstock and embraced Beijing.