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Maris and Money

The MLB is looking to a 100-game season, using a three-division, 10-team plan in which teams play only within their division. Crazy times call for crazy solutions, but this doesn't strike me as crazy. The MLB changes its format so often, I long ago stopped trying to keep up, even before they completely apostasicized and put the Astros in the American League in 2013.

But I gotta believe there would be little interest. I mean, if your team wins it all, the record books will forever put an asterisk next to it (which translates to, "100-game season, so not a legitimate World Series winner"). The same for the guy who hits .400. They say the asterisk next to Roger Maris' 61-home run season plagued him to his early grave.

Nearly everyone in American fears economic collapse. 89% of us.

Well, yeah.

What else should we be expecting? If we aren't producing anything but instead merely printing money, of course a huge depression is coming.

That's only common sense.

But I'm increasingly thinking we can print money to create wealth. No effort needed. Just print. How does it work? That, I'm afraid, is a shadowy thing, but it basically boils down to the other countries accepting our dollars as if they have real value. Because they think the dollar has value, they sell us the products of their sweat and toil in exchange for these trillions of dollars It's a psychological game.

Cynics say it's a thuggish game: If a country starts to decline to take our dollars, there's suddenly a reason to send troops there. I honestly have no firm position on the matter (terrorist base, genocide, for the sake of the children, etc). But why does Russia and China keep taking them? I mean, we could trounce them in a war, but it'd be a bloody mess for everyone involved.

There must be some "higher powers" game afoot that I don't understand.