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Zero Hedge wonders whether there is a competition among governments to come up with the most dystopian over-reaction to social distancing problems. It suggests Tunisia has taken the lead by using an army helicopter to disperse a pick-up youth soccer game.

Tunisia has 707 confirmed cases, according my Google Machine this morning.

I've long speculated that U.S. governors are in a similar competition: see who can use their executive powers to implement the most-extreme shut-down orders. I've often speculated that Governor Whitmer in Michigan is determined to win, even banning golf, an outdoor recreational activity that is naturally done with a large measure of social isolation, as well as commercial lawn care, which is also an outdoor activity that naturally lends itself to social isolation.

What, exactly, is going on? Although I have strongly supported the social distancing (and still do), and mostly supported government-ordered shut-downs, the whole thing doesn't quite add up for me anymore. I have a ton of sinister ideas and nutty theories about what is really going on, but none of them quite add up either.

So I guess we continue on. For now. But at some point, something is going to break that is going to let in light.