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Too Much Alcohol?

"I don't agree with hitting women but I understand it. I know what turns Mr. Hand into Mr. Fist" Sam Kinison.

Unfortunately, I suspect there's at least one point of correlation between these stories:

Booze Sales Surge During Coronavirus Outbreak

Domestic Calls Skyrocket As Coronavirus Forces Victims Inside With Abusers

Guys are drinking because they're stressed out. Guys are beating their gals because they're stressed out. Drunk guys are beating their drunk gals because they're both drunk and stressed out and snapping at each other.

Alcohol, like suffering, is the great revealer. Anyone can "keep it together" when he's sober and everything is going fine. Show me the guy undergoing suffering, and I'll show you the real man. Show me a guy with a quart of liquor in him, and I'll show you . . . some funny stuff.

But at some level, you'll also see the real man. in vino veritas.

Actually, I don't believe either one of those things. At times, a guy is suffering and has other things going on (HALT), then he behaves miserably. Sometimes a guy gets really plowed, perhaps unintentionally, or has a type of booze that affects him in a way he didn't foresee, then he does all sorts of stupid things. I've seen both . . . up close . . . really up close. It happens.

I'm a big fan of alcohol, but it can't be denied that it's the source of a lot of troubles. I'd also point out that it lowers your immune system. During these infectious and stressful times, you may want to put the bottle down for awhile.

Even I'm cutting back. Though I plan on enjoying today's gorgeous weather with a few gin and tonics on my back porch, I'll take it easy and be alert as we head into the holiest week of the year.