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They say a food crisis looms. This site says it appears lettuce is running out.

I have 400 lettuce plugs started. My youngest son jokes, "Nice calorie-dense food, dad."

Okay, so lettuce doesn't offer a lot of calories, but it offers far more nutrients than popularly assumed (I'm not growing iceberg lettuce). And mine are high quality that, for lettuces, are very dense ("lots of loft," the farmers market sellers say). I also have about 30 spinach plants started.

If things don't go well for the country's agricultural supply, the question that faces me is: Do I do the charitable thing and sell it for $50 a pound or eat it all myself?

It reminds me of WWII Victory Gardens: "Grow food at home so our boys can kill more Japs and Krauts." They say home gardens made a big impact.

It seems the same thing could be done with the N95 face masks. Forbes, at least, thinks so.

There's a small group of women in my small town who are doing it. Hats off to them.

But will it really make a difference? Beats me. Does it really make a difference when you get 10,000 steps instead of 9,750? Does it really make a difference if you go to work today?

What does "difference" really mean?

I'd respectfully suggest we don't know what makes a difference in our lives, much less in other people's lives . . . or in the life of the nation, in world history, or in the eyes of Divine Providence. We are terribly finite. We're all well-advised to cultivate a disposition that matches are nature. Focus on the moment and what's in your immediate control.

You'll be better off for it, even if I (sigh) can't speak from experience.

And if we could get the politicians to acknowledge their finiteness, we'd all be better off for it.