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The Young and the Leftists

No one would consult a teenager for advice on their taxes, their construction project, their estate plan, or their health. Yet the Left trusts teenagers for advice on public policy. In fact, the Left loves teenagers' advice on public policy.

Her questionable message aside, I found Greta Thunberg's self-righteous bitterness downright grating. She could've been scolding Stalin for killing all those Kulaks, and I still would've cringed.

And now David Hogg is telling us about the Coronavirus, telling America in a tweet to f*** prayer, which Rashida Tlaib dutifully retweeted without comment. Sources haven't disclosed whether Ms. Tlaib dutifully burned her prayer blanket or led a charge to confiscate all such in her hometown of Dearborn.

Instead of reading teen tweets, read Mark Steyn. That guy kills it nearly every time he posts. This morning's post is no exception. It's called "A Glimmer of Flattening?" and points out that Italy's per diem death rate over the past three days has stabilized at 350ish. It's hardly great news along the lines that a cure has been found or that Joy Behar and Kathy Griffin have laryngitis, but I'll take it. We've had zero good news for two weeks now.

Steyn also lays it on the line regarding China:

At the time of writing, 165 out of 200 or so countries have the coronavirus. 164 of those 165 countries got it from somewhere else. The 165th is China, which incubated the virus, unleashed it on the world, and then lied about it.
For me the most important lesson to learn from the current crisis is a simple one: US corporations are addicted to China as too many unemployed Americans are to heroin and meth. We need to break the dependency.

Amen to that. LeBron and the NBA be damned.