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Party Down on Corona

Well, the Joe Rogan episode about the Coronavirus was a bummer. It turns out, the assurances of all our young people to the contrary, the virus is a real threat. Moreover, there's no vaccine and there's no cure. The only remedies: stay away from people and keep healthy. Get plenty of rest, eat well, take your vitamins, meditate (keep calm).

And don't drink alcohol?!

At one point, when the guest was recounting how to stay healthy, Joe added, "And drastically reduce your alcohol intake." The guest didn't disagree. I tried to find the spot on the video to see if the guest nodded or otherwise signalled agreement, but I couldn't find it, but my "take" from the verbal: the guest agreed. Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake.

Well, dang.

I thought alcohol might kill it inside of me. Apparently, a few dozen Iranians thought that and died from drinking the wrong kind of alcohol. Isn't that why rock stars never get sick while touring, even though they're drinking, and smoking, and banging, and staying up late, but then crash and burn when they get home and sober up?

Ah, the urban legends of my youth!

As for me, I am largely self-quarantining at this point. I was supposed to attend a musical in Chicago this evening with Marie and four of the kids, but the Chicago Theaters have shut down. It's time for everyone else to shut down as well. Three weeks, folks. Just three weeks. I have no idea what it does to an economy, and a part of me still says this whole thing is entirely overblown, but we don't know. We just don't know.

Don't act like you do.

The life you save might be your own mine. So don't shake hands, don't stand close to people, wash your hands obsessively and spray down with the hand sanitizer. Stay home and enjoy your streaming service. When it comes right down to it, none of it is hard. Not hard at all. In the big picture, I'm concerned the effects could be catastrophic for the country, but in your own day-to-day affairs, it's not a big deal.