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Uses for Booze

I see Bill Clinton has bared his soul about the Lewinsky standard, stating that he allowed Monica to serve him in order to alleviate the pressures of the job. He said it took his mind off the presidential pressures.

Yeah, I suppose it would. And I guess that's why he did it while behind his desk, where the pressures are greatest. It all holds together. An out-sized libido that drives most politicians had nothing to do with it.

He should've stuck with the snakebite. And I don't say that to be ironic. It's apparently his favorite drink. One part cider, one part lager. I'd never even heard of it.

But all that Monica stuff was back in the 1990s, before #MeToo and other forms of social female equality caught up to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Today, women are catching up with men in all spheres, including drinking-related diseases.

"Men have been dying from alcohol-related causes for a long time, more than women, going back 100 years," White says. "If we keep moving in the direction we're moving in, maybe (in) 10, 20 years we'll be caught up. And I think we all want to try to do what we can to make sure that doesn't happen."
Alcohol has been linked to multiple health issues for women, including breast cancer, brain and heart damage, and dire pregnancy outcomes. Overall, men still drink more alcohol than women, White says, but the gender gap in rates of binge drinking once a month is narrowing, with patterns among 18 to 25 year olds reversing.

It makes sense. Men deal with the pressures of bread-winning by booze-drinking. It's a long tradition. Women are now winning the bread, so they're dealing with it by drinking the booze. And they have to drink even more because they can't get snakebit like the guys as an alternative form of relieving the stress.