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The Close Talker

Congratulations to Joe Biden. The Establishment has their candidate in the driver's seat. I look forward to the "Sleepy Joe" references, the close talking, the awkward touching, and a #MeandJoeToo movement.

There is one thing I despise: unwanted touching and close talking. I am in a Club that I enjoy. One of the members has no sense of boundaries. He's not a bad guy, and he's certainly no sex pervert or anything like that, but man. He can't talk to you unless he's (i) inches from your face, or (ii) has a fistful of your flesh in his hands, kneading it like he's trying to get a large donut order in the oven. No exaggeration, I considered quitting the Club just so I wouldn't have to deal with it.

I've read articles about close talking. It's odd. No one seems to know what causes it. The closer talker gets in your grill and has no idea that he has crossed an invisible line that everyone but the closer talkers can see.

In this era of vibrant flu viruses, the close talker is especially bothersome. We need a special interest group to lobby Congress and make close-talking a federal crime. That, of course, won't happen, since no one would make money off such a crime, like people people stand to make off these flu scares. The libertarian perspective on corona:

These draconian quarantine measures are an overkill. The COVID-19 coronavirus, as it is now called, is infecting and killing no more people than what occurs in a common cold/flu season (2.5% death rate among infected individuals). For comparison, the 2017 flu season in the U.S. caused a reported 2 deaths per 100,000.”
Why has a panic developed over this disease? Here we can again learn from Murray. He taught us to follow the money, and in this case, drug manufacturers and developers of vaccines stand to profit if they can frighten enough people. We all remember the “swine flu” panic of several years ago. Doctors developed a vaccine to prevent people from getting the alleged disease, and this vaccine killed many people. When Gerald Ford was President, there was also a “swine flu” panic, and you can watch Murray [Rothbard] laughing at the panic here. If he were with us today, he would be laughing at the fearmongers, warning us about the dangers of vaccines, drugs, and quarantines, and reminding us that the main danger we face is the tyrannical and predatory State.

Gage Skidmore