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Lent and the Babylon Bee

Welcome to Lent 2020. It's a season of penance, renewal, and grace. It don't get no better than that.

Of course, it's also the season of the coronavirus, a collapsing stock market, and a Socialist front-runner, so maybe the "renewal" and "grace" parts of that last sentence are overblown.

But there is one good piece of news out there: a noted lesbian has declared herself a conservative. Welcome, Ms. Scarcella. TWE is more "libertarian" and "Catholic," as opposed to "conservative," but hey, we run in the same crowd.

I like to identify myself as "libertarian" and "Catholic." It drives the Catholic Left nuts. Folks in that camp can't comprehend how someone can be Catholic and against big government. To them, "Catholic and libertarian" is like "heterosexual and soccer fan." To utter "Rothbard" and "von Mises" is to utter "Satan" and "Lucifer."

I'm waiting for Ms. Scarcella to extend an invitation to the South Bend Mayor, once he's finished with the race. Even the MSM seems to be admitting that blacks simply won't vote for him. It seems odd that people wouldn't want a gay president. You'd think that, once you sit down and explain to them how gay sex works, they'd be impressed by such, ahem, rigorous dedication.

In case you missed it, The Babylon Bee (which has been on fire lately), ran this satiric piece that slayed me: Pete Buttigieg Releases Study Bible With Notes That Explain Why Most Of The Verses Are Wrong. The Bee also ran this piece that, I honestly believe, every good faith Sanders voter must contemplate in earnest: Nation's Bernie Supporters Frantically Cobble Together Makeshift Rafts To Paddle To Utopian Cuba.

I really like The Babylon Bee. My only knock is that they always seem to take the gag just one step too far. It's like a sledding hill: The headline and opening paragraph are great, but it's downhill from there, until the very last paragraph kind of leaves ya cold.