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The Queens "sicko" accused of abusing "at least seven children told cops he attacked even more kids - and claimed his tiny victims enjoyed the abuse, law enforcement sources said yesterday. 'I never forced them to do anything they didn't want to,' Michael Flory told cops, the sources said." LINK

Check us if we're wrong, but isn't that the entire basis of NAMBLA's existence, that children consent to it and it doesn't harm them? And wasn't it not that long ago that NAMBLA enjoyed respectability in certain quarters of the sexually-liberated left? In light of the country's uncompromising condemnation of sexual activity with minors, those quarters keep quiet these days, but we suspect they're kind of like segregationalists who still hold their beliefs but don't speak their minds any more. If they could do so without being dismissed as crackpots, they'd welcome such "dialogue" again.

Let's keep our collective foot on their necks.